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CNL Defi Mine is about to launch with great fanfare

Thank you for your recognition and support of CNL. CNL has received a lot of attention during the past two weeks of publicity and ordering. Already, mysterious European cryptocurrency funds have communicated their strategic investment intentions. At the same time, CNL launched the most popular Defi concept mining activity. From April 21, 2023, users only need to deposit a certain amount of BTC every day to get CNL income. After the event ends, the deposited bitcoins will be returned immediately. The campaign lasts for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 120 days. There are four options. The longer you choose, the more CNL you will receive each day.

0.1 BTC,

75 CNL income per day for 30 days

150 CNL income per day for 60 days
225 CNL income per day for 90 days

300 CNL income per day for 120 days


April 20, 2023